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Thoughts on the Half-Time Show

I admit, I’m not a football or sports fan. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I’m seeing a lot of negative posts, however, and that stuns me a little, after watching the Halftime online.

This is Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Did we not know ass-shaking was… kind of what they were known for? What did we expect, an a cappella choir performance of gospel songs? I’m not sure where the disparity in expectations vs reality is coming from. Shakira’s major hits were “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Can’t Remember to Forget You” which was… a pretty damn racy video. J.Lo’s most noticeable asset is her backside.

The fact is, these women have made names for themselves. They are strong, powerful women who do what they want, how they want it. They are 43 and 50, proving that you can be amazingly talented, hot, and wow a crowd at any age. They are mothers, sisters, daughters. They prove that you can damn well do and be anything you want to be and be a damn star while doing it.

For the women claiming they don’t want their children ‘seeing that’, here’s my opinion. If your children cannot handle seeing a woman dance in a neck to ankle bodysuit with some bedazzled jewels on it- you have failed as a parent. End of. Your job as a parent is to prepare your child for the world outside of your home, as an adult that has to deal with things they may not necessarily enjoy or like.

The grown-up world does not have safe spaces. The grown-up world does not coddle your feelings. The grown-up world does not protect you from poverty, nudity, sexuality, crime, pain, racism, harassment, and a million other things your precious doves need to learn how to handle. This could have been used as a teaching moment, that some women find power in sexuality and others don’t, but every expression of sexuality is valid and should be respected. Sex is a NORMAL, natural, beautiful part of life. Let me say it again for the people in the back- SEX IS NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL.

Instead, you’re showing them intolerance. You’re showing them judgement. You’re telling them that if they make choices they don’t think you’ll like, you aren’t a trusted ally and they cannot come to you in their time of need.

This is how your sons and daughters get hurt. How they struggle, how they fall through the cracks. When you make yourself known as someone who has a narrow world view, who cannot tolerate the slightest deviation from your ‘normal’, who cannot see all situations as something to learn from, as something that’s a normal part of our society- you alienate your children, or worse, teach them to be like you, and the cycle continues.

Be the ally you want your child to have. Preach tolerance and acceptance. One day? They may need that, and you will want them to be able to turn to you. Trust me.

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